Our Story

Razia Sultana is known in history as the first female ruler of the subcontinent in 1236. She defied all odds in getting to the position she did, overcoming precedents against her gender and slave ancestry. She was strong, powerful and commanded any room she entered. She stands as an icon and inspiration for women, to show that women can do anything a man can, and do it better.

The name behind our brand became ever more evident when our founder, Razia Sultana, showcased the same nature and element of the ruler herself. A happy coincidence in sharing a name, but one that held true to the characteristics of our founders namesake.

Our founder, Razia Sultana, has always had a love for designing clothes. Since she was just 12 years old, she would head to the market and find embellishments to bedazzle her outfits because she felt what they’d bought from the store was too plain. It needed that extra personal touch to really have character and come to life.

This simple belief that was berthed in her from such a young age continued throughout her life. She was so frustrated by the lack of the finer details put into the details of design, she would personally go to the shops and select small beadings and embellishments, staying for hours until she’d finally found the perfect match.

Her immaculate style eventually caught on, her friends and family pleaded to create and outlet where her styles would be available to a larger audience. They knew the passion she had for what she did, that everything she made had her personal touch and so it was always going to be of the highest quality. She was the designer, production manager, and sales - all in one. That’s what make her pieces stand out, that extra effort she puts into each and every piece, ensuring that it’s the finest of quality.

Like our owner and the ruler herself, the brand looks to embolden women, to show that they are capable of achieving anything, and to look good while doing so. We’re curating a community of raising one another, and encouraging our successes, and coming together as the #WomenOfRazia.